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1. It's Not Just Books.
Some classes require specialized products specific to the course. Some of the course materials such as books, e-books, workbooks and access codes are unique to particular course and commonly referred to as "custom" products. Don't worry, though. We have these available for you, too!

2. The Best Part About Renting:
The best way to save money on course materials is to rent for the semester. Both physical books and e-books are available to rent. Nearly anything that can be reused can be rented, but products such as workbooks and one-time use access codes for online homework should be purchased new. Just like in everyday life, some things (like sandwiches and lottery tickets) shouldn't be rented.  Rentals are a good way to save money and not have to worry about hanging onto a book that may not be in your major.

3. You Need Your Course Schedule.
Your course schedule is your guide to our website. You'll reference the department (such as English or abbreviated to ENGL), course number (which corresponds to the course name such as 1010-English Composition 1) and the section (which corresponds to your particular instructor for that course and time). Some courses all use the same book regardless of the instructor and those will be noted with the section "all" meaning that all instructors use the same books or "all but" meaning all but the designated instructors use the same book. Just enter your schedule details and you'll see what your instructors have submitted as required for your course. You'll also see recommended or optional items such as study guides and solution manuals.


4. Don't Stress! We're Here to Help.
Ordering books for whether it be your first or last semester, can sometimes be stressful.  So, don't worry!  Because we're here to help!  Give us a call any time, stop in to see us, or send us an email with any questions that you may have and we will be happy to help! Textbooks are our thing, so let us take the stress off of your back to give you a smooth and easy semester.  😎

5. Don't Wait to Get Your Materials!
Some people will tell you to wait until after you attend your first class to buy or rent what you need, but doing so causes two big problems: you miss out on early promotions and sales and you risk being left empty handed, especially with specialized products like those mentioned about (see #1). If you determine during your first week of classes that you don't need a particular product, you can always return it for a full refund by 5/21/21.* With specific course requirements like mentioned in #1, we've got what you need.  Let us help you today!

The Textbook Brokers difference:
1. We know what you need. Our website clearly lists what you need for every class and we don't deceptively list used and rentals prices for products that should only be purchased new. We won't sell you used sandwiches or rent you a lottery ticket.
2. Our average rental price is $29.95 and you don't pay extra fees. Our prices are updated throughout the day to make sure they're the lowest you can find anywhere.
3. We're the only place that offers the No Risk Rental. If you decide to keep the rental you only pay the difference between the rental and purchase price, not the purchase price.
4. Our 15% off rental sale saves you even more, so keep an eye out here and on our social media platforms for that!

5. You can write & highlight in our books.  Just make sure that it's not excessive, no pages are torn out, and there's no water damage done to the books.
6. Rent or buy NOW, pay LATER with our no-cost deferred payment option. You can get your course materials today in-store, pick them up curbside, or have them shipped to you** and you won't be charged until a date has been agreed on between the both of us. Just select deferred payment at checkout or let the person ringing you up in-store know that you would like to use our deferred payment option.


*: Please call if you requested a specific book for your course that had to be ordered and needs refunded.
**: Free Standard Shipping for orders on $75 and above.  Any order under $75 will have a flat rate fee of $8.


If you have any other questions or concerns that you felt weren't met in any of the statements above, please check out our FAQ.  Any other questions? All contact information can be found here!